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Pyre: How to Change Difficulty


Pyre: How to Change Difficulty

How to Change the Difficulty in Pyre

If you’ve started playing Pyre, you may have found that the enemy AI is a little too easy. They stand still a lot, let you douse their flame, and put up little to no fight. As such, you might want to change the difficulty to make things a little more challenging. Here’s how you can do exactly that.

At the start of the game, you’ll be given the option to change the difficulty between Reduced, Standard, and Heightened. This isn’t the only time you can change this in Pyre, though. You can actually change it at any time by pressing the Options button and heading to the Settings menu. Under Options, you’ll then find Difficulty toward the bottom of this page. Simply press X to cycle through the different options.

If you’re finding Pyre too easy, you’ll want to bump it up to Heightened, too hard and you’ll want to drop it to Reduced. There’s no limit on how many times you can change this, nor is there a trophy tied to completing the game at a particular setting, so be sure to change this as and when you feel the need to. And that’s all you need to know to change the difficulty in Pyre.

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