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Pyre: How to Get Feats of Glory


Pyre: How to Get Feats of Glory

How to Get Feats of Glory in Pyre

As you go about your adventure through the weird and wonderful world of Pyre, you’ll have to take part in the 3 vs. 3 battles known as Rites. These are the real meat of the game and any time spent out of these is normally where you’ll be improving your characters or getting handy items. If you’ve been scouring through the Pyre’s trophy list, however, you may have noticed that you’ll need to complete three Feats of Glory for one of them. So here’s what you’ll need to do.

To actually get Feats of Glory, you’ll need to get a good portion of the way through the game. Feats of Glory will become available to you naturally as you progress, so don’t worry too much about missing them. When you get to a certain Rite, however, you’ll be told that the Imps are rewarding exiles with money for pulling off stylish or fancy moves as they try and douse their opponent’s flame. These will appear automatically whenever one is available in the top left-hand corner of the screen almost as an objective you’ll need to complete.

Feats of Glory can range from something like dousing your adversary’s pyre without being banished by your opponents or having a particular exile banish members of the opposing team a set number of times. Simply complete these within that Rite and you’ll be rewarded money and find yourself one step closer to that all-important trophy.

If you’re after more handy guides to help you on your way to freeing your exile friends, be sure to check out our wiki.

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