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Pyre: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Pyre: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Always Think About Talisman

Tips and Tricks for Beginners for Pyre


While things can seem pretty straightforward at the start of Pyre, the challenge slowly ramps up as you progress through the game. As such, Talisman become more and more important, so make sure that you’re keeping up to date on these at all times.

This doesn’t just mean buying and equipping new ones, but also upgrading your best existing ones. Using Stardust to upgrade your Talisman can make them way, way more powerful than they start out. On top of that, you’ll also want to try and complete the Scribe Challenges in the Beyonder Crystal. Each one grants you a powerful Talisman for that specific character. Upgrade these and you’ll have a serious advantage when it comes to the Rites in Pyre.

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