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Pyre: How to Upgrade Talisman


Pyre: How to Upgrade Talisman

How to Upgrade Talisman in Pyre

As you progress on your adventure through Downside in Pyre, you’ll pick up Talisman that you can equip to your fellow exiles. These offer handy buffs or special abilities that can really help to give you the upper hand when it comes to dousing your adversaries’ flame. However, you can upgrade these Talisman, making their buffs even stronger than before, so here’s what you need to do.

First off, you’ll need to talk to Ron, the traveling slug market guy. You’ll normally stumble upon him at the site where your Rite is about to take place, so look out for his icon in the bottom right-hand corner. He’ll sell Stardust in varying quantities as you progress through the game. Buy this and then simply select it and hover over the Talisman you want to upgrade. Press X on your DualShock 4 and the item will be upgraded. It’s worth noting, however, that while using Stardust will raise its level, it doesn’t guarantee to increase its power. Some of these handy items require you to level them up multiple times before their buffs also increase.

That’s all you need to know to upgrade Talisman in Pyre. Be sure to check out our wiki for more handy tips and tricks.

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