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Japan Is Releasing Pokemon McFlurries With Some Questionable Flavors

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Japan Is Releasing Pokemon McFlurries With Some Questionable Flavors

Why does Japan get all the cool stuff?

If you weren’t already jealous of Japan and how it embraces anime and pop culture, now is the time. As part of a campaign this month, McDonald’s restaurants across the country will serve Pokemon McFlurries crafted to represent one of the most popular of Pocket Monsters.

But why craft a sweet treat based off of some of the world’s most beloved animated creatures? To celebrate the July 15th release of Pokemon the Movie 20: I Choose You! However, only one will be selected and that is determined by the most retweeted flavor on Twitter. However, be warned, your favorite, first gen Pokemon may not be sporting a flavor you like.

Bulbasaur will be represented with a broccoli flavor, which is currently the least popular amongst Twitter users. Jigglypuff’s flavor would be white peach. Gengar will sport a purple potato as the main ingredient. Charmander will bring a spicy habanero taste. Pikachu, who is currently the most retweeted of the bunch will bring a chocolate and banana treat to the masses. And lastly, Squirtle’s flavor, naturally, will be based off of a sparkling soda.

If you want to cast your vote, you can check out McDonaldsJapan on Twitter and choose any of the Pokemon McFlurries you’d like, even if the flavors don’t come to the States. Although, of course, you want them too.

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