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The Nintendo Switch Is Getting A Keyboard? Looks Like It!

Nintendo Switch, Keyboard

The Nintendo Switch Is Getting A Keyboard? Looks Like It!

Do you think the Switch needs a keyboard?

Console accessories are easy to come by as many companies look to cash in on those gamers looking to improve or change the way various games play. But a keyboard for the Nintendo Switch looks pretty interesting.

Last month, HORI announced that they would be working on a keyboard that would be compatible with the Nintendo Switch. It was small, compact, but had nowhere to put those pesky Joy-Con controllers as the keyboard would plug directly into the console. But if you are looking for a place to dock your gray or orange and blue Joy-Con, a new keyboard on the market may be worth looking into.

Cyber Gadget has a design that would allow you to have a full, functioning keyboard that will also let you slide your Joy-Con into each side of it. That way if you ever need to type any information in, or if a title your playing offers the option to chat in-game, you can plug in and type it up.

The Cyber Gadget keyboard will release in September for 3,758 yen. Or approximately $32.99.

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