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Nintendo Has Partnered With a Beauty Brand to Create Super Mario-Themed Makeup


Nintendo Has Partnered With a Beauty Brand to Create Super Mario-Themed Makeup

Because, you know, girls play games too.

For years gamers have questioned Mario’s sanity for spending so much of his time chasing down a princess who just seems to love getting kidnapped. Despite all the trouble this relationship causes, Mario is always ready to battle dangerous foes in order to safely bring Princess Peach back home. So what could it be that keeps Mario chasing after Princess Peach and vowing to always protect her? Some say it’s the selflessness that comes with true love but a closer look could possibly reveal the real reason why Mario can’t get enough of this beautiful damsel in distress.

Princess Peach’s makeup is flawless.

Just look at those full eyelashes and the way the light shimmers on her cheekbones. Princess Peach is a beauty guru and now she has an entire makeup collection to prove it. Well, sort of. Nintendo teamed up with cosmetics company Shu Uemura to create an entire collection of makeup inspired by the iconic Super Mario franchise. Shu Uemura developed various products for the Super Mario-themed collection but only five will hit the shelves at launch. The initial collection will include pink lipsticks, a color palette for eye and cheek makeup and eyeliner with a black felt tip. The eyeliner will also feature a star stamp on the other end.

The only disappointing part about all this is that the makeup itself isn’t quite as Mario-theme as some would have hoped. Outside of the star stamp being featured on the other end of the eyeliner, nothing else really has a solid connection to the game. Not unless you store the makeup in the special carrying case, which is also Super Mario-themed. It’s really the packaging that has a far closer connection to the series. The packaging for the various beauty products have classic Super Mario images from the 80s on display that remind us of Mario’s 8-bit days.

The first set of the Super Mario-themed beauty products will go on sale in Japan on November 1. A second set is schedule to released on November 15 but there is no news of a Western release for these beauty products just yet.

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