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Splatoon 2: How to Turn Into a Squid


Splatoon 2: How to Turn Into a Squid

Kid to squid.

Turning Into a Squid in Splatoon 2

The ability to transform from kid to squid in Splatoon 2 is an important core mechanic you need to get used to if you want to do well in online multiplayer matches. Turning into a squid provides you with a few benefits, provided you know how to use them to your advantage.

First off, the primary function of becoming a squid is so that you can refill your ink and continue shooting your enemies. You can turn into a squid simply by pressing and holding the ZL button. If you’re standing in your own ink color, this will automatically refill your ink. Furthermore, hiding in ink can also provide great cover from your enemies. Unsuspecting foes will not be able to spot you in the ink (unless they’re looking really closely), giving you the opportunity to get the jump on them.

While splattering the walls in ink doesn’t earn you any points, you can also take cover by transforming into a squid and hiding in the ink on the walls to surprise your opponents. Learn to use the ink and transformation ability to your advantage, and you’ll be able to get the better of your foes.

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More About Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is the follow-up to Splatoon, the inky shooter game released on the Wii U two years ago. Take control of a kid, splat your enemies with ink, and transform into a squid whenever you feel like it.

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