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Minecraft: How to Install Mods


Minecraft: How to Install Mods

How to Install Mods for Minecraft

While there’s an absolute ton of stuff you can do in Minecraft on its own, you can reach a whole new level of fun when you learn how to install mods. The easiest way to do this is by installing a program called Minecraft Forge on either your Windows PC or Mac.

You can visit the official Forge site and download the latest version of the program here. Once you’ve got the correct installation file downloaded, simply install it and ensure that the “Install Client” box is ticked when it appears.

With Forge installed, you’re nearly ready to get your game filled with mods. You’ll now need to open your %appdata%/ Roaming folder (dependent on whether you’re using Windows or Mac) and look for the .minecraft folder. Open this and then open the mods folder. Now all you need to do is download the modifiers that you want to install from either MinecraftMods, the Minecraft Forums, or wherever else and drop them into this folder. Make sure that all of these files are either as .zip or .jar, otherwise you’ll have issues getting them to work correctly.

Now, launch the game and click the mods button. You should now see a complete list of the ones that you’ve installed into the game. And that’s all there is to it.

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