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Top 10 Best Minecraft Mods of September 2018


Top 10 Best Minecraft Mods of September 2018

Best Minecraft Mods of September 2018


Minecraft Mods

Time to take a look at our best Minecraft mods of September, but we’ve plenty more posts on Minecraft mods to check out. In fact, we write this article monthly, so do check out June, July, and August for more ideas. If you’re not up to speed on how to install Minecraft mods, we’ve got you covered here.

We’re suckers for any mod that allows you to fly. Whether it’s Minecraft, Borderlands or Flight Simulator, nothing feels better than shedding the laws of gravity and taking to the sky. Perhaps not so much for that last one, but the point still stands.

The aptly named Wings mod gives you the ability to sprout a pair of wings and soar majestically overhead. There are a variety of different types on offer including both avian and insect, so if your preference is to dive bomb on your foes while taking on the appearance of a butterfly, your desires can be satiated. You can call yourself Nutterfly, because you are just nuts, baby!

…Hopefully, people don’t misinterpret the name.

Arcane World

Minecraft Mods

We could all use a little magic in our lives, especially in these tumultuous times. So thank goodness (and thank lemonszz) that there is now a mod that allows us to wield spells like the wizards of old. I mean, there are other magic mods out there, but we’re inclined to suffer recency bias. Arcane World is here now and therefore it is the very best one.

Stand before your ritual table and cast an enchantment that rips the very fabrics of time and space, or transform entire rows of blocks into farmland with your arcane hoe. Summon beasts, teleport to mysterious dungeons, the only thing that’s missing is dance magic. Which is a shame, because you remind me of the babe. Incidentally, that’s a terrible pickup line, so don’t ever try it. Experience talking here.

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