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Top 7 Best Action Games of 2017 So Far


Top 7 Best Action Games of 2017 So Far


Horizon Zero Dawn

While Horizon Zero Dawn is considered an action RPG, the action that runs throughout its single-player is some of the best seen in any game this year. Taking on the variety of enemies, progressing from the smaller, weaker Watchers to the enormous Thunderjaws as you become stronger and more confident is great fun, and Aloy’s weapons each have their own strengths that can be used well in tactical battles. Battling a Fire Bellowback in the sandy plains of Horizon’s world is challenging and thrilling but, as long as you don’t stray too far from where you should be, you always feel well enough equipped to defeat what the world throws at you.

The story of a world that has been overtaken by hoards of robots and Aloy’s attempt to piece together what happened is also gripping from start to finish. Guerrilla has built a beautiful world full of unique characters and enemies that have the potential to form Sony’s next huge PlayStation exclusive franchise.

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