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ARK: Survival Evolved Gets a Price Raise and Retail Release Date

ARK: Survival Evolved how to tame dinosaurs and animals

ARK: Survival Evolved Gets a Price Raise and Retail Release Date

Good news if you bought the game early!

Way back in 2015, a game called ARK: Survival Evolved entered early access for PC players through Steam. Because of its popularity, it was then sent to the consoles, Xbox and PlayStation to be exact (sorry Nintendo fans). It’s been widely successful, but no one was quite sure when ARK would be leaving early access and get a full retail release.

Well, the hour is upon us. ARK: Survival Evolved has just got it’s priced upped on Steam from $29.99 to $59.99. This would be a good indication that the title will be departing from its early access stage soon, but no one had to do any guessing or theorizing about the sudden price increase. The Twitter page for ARK made it official. In fact, on August 8, ARK will leave early access behind. So long and thanks for all the fish.

So what does this mean? For everyone who bought the game before its full release, you won’t need to spend another dime. You’ll own the full game day one. But if you didn’t take part prior to this price jump, sorry to say you missed the boat and will have to shell out about 60 bucks for the game now. Either way, look forward to riding on the most majestic, extinct creatures when they stomp out from early access and into your game libraries August 8!

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