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Testers Can Now Access Xbox One’s Creators Collection Area


Testers Can Now Access Xbox One’s Creators Collection Area

Anyone can create and publish their own games here.

Interested in checking out others’ games or working on some yourself on Xbox One? You can potentially check out the Xbox Live Creators Collection now, which is a new area on the Xbox One Game Store, if you were chosen as a tester as part of a current beta program going on right now.

Testers will be able to check out the section featuring games that game makers have created utilizing the new Creators Program via Xbox One, which previously made its debut during GDC 2017. It’s a new platform that creators can “rapidly publish” their digital titles with ease, allowing developers or even regular Joes to use the Xbox One storefront and ecosystem to create and sell games.

As an Xbox Insider, you should find the store section live to finagle with. Right now there are a scant amount of games up on the storefront, namely six, but many of them are free for you to test out without having to sacrifice any cash.

If you’re interested in trying out said games, make sure you keep an eye out for the feature to be rolled out to all players, or make sure you’ve opted into the Xbox Insider program. There’s a lot of cool stuff you might miss out on if you skip out on it in the future.


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