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Super Mario Odyssey 2-Player Mode Lets You Control Cappy

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Super Mario Odyssey 2-Player Mode Lets You Control Cappy

The second player can defend Mario from enemies.

Over this E3 week, Nintendo have been showing a LOT of Super Mario Odyssey; entire stages have been revealed in their almost entirety to the public. Despite this, we are confident that the game will be feature-packed and the public hasn’t been spoiled on anything major. Today during the Treehouse Live, though, Nintendo have shown off another new feature – 2-Player Co-op. The feature will let a second player control Cappy, Mario’s trusty new companion, letting you fend off enemies and (presumably) tell Mario what to transform into.



Co-op in Odyssey doesn’t look like it will be super extensive, but it’s a nice idea, that will keep you and a friend interested for a little while. Right now, the specifics aren’t certain regarding how long you can stay like this for, and we still don’t know the full extent of the player-2’s abilities as Cappy. If you’d like to see more about Super Mario Odyssey, the Treehouse is running throughout E3, so you can still catch a little more of it before it packs up for the year. So far, we’ve seen the game’s main hub area, New Donk City, a desert area with a Mexican theme, and a wooded area filled with robot workers. Each area has its own atmosphere, and from what the public has seen so far, we’re bound to see many more impressive and well-designed areas, full of life.


Super Mario Odyssey is one of the most impressive games we’ve seen at E3 2017, and its the reason many are hailing Nintendo as the winners of the event this year. Their presentation was short, but full of announcements.


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