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A Professional Overwatch Player Has Been Banned for Erotic Trolling


A Professional Overwatch Player Has Been Banned for Erotic Trolling

Looks like trolling can come in many different forms.

Today, we see another professional gamer banned for inappropriate behavior while streaming. Overwatch pro player and DPS for Selfless Gaming, Daniel “Dafran” Francesca to be exact. His crime? Intentionally causing other players to throw games due to playing the erotic visual novel, Nekopara, in the background.

To many of us who have played video games during the course of our lives, it’s certainly not unheard of to have someone playing audio that is…questionable. However, during his stream, Dafran admitted he was playing the visual novel for the sole intention of throwing games. You can watch a video of him admitting it here, but fear not, it’s safe for work. Of course, since he’s a professional who represents Overwatch, action needed to be taken.

Blizzard gave their decision on the matter today with this to say:

“Due to this violation, as of June 8, Blizzard will suspend Dafran’s access to his current Overwatch accounts for one week, and from Competitive Play for the remainder of Season 5. Further, Dafran is disqualified from Overwatch Contenders Season Zero, will not be eligible for Overwatch Contenders Season One, and is disqualified from all future Blizzard-sanctioned tournament play for the duration of this competitive season. Dafran’s Overwatch Contenders team is still eligible to compete with a substitute.”

Selfless, the team that Dafran represented, has also taken action by suspending Dafran. Another player will be brought on to replace him in competitive play during the course of his ban.

In response to his punishment, Dafran took to Twitter and had this to say:

Overwatch and professional players should certainly be on notice following these events. Blizzard has a very low tolerance for misconduct and will not hesitate to ban gamers for trolling like Dafran engaged in.

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