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Prey Suffers From Performance Problems on PS4 Following Latest Update


Prey Suffers From Performance Problems on PS4 Following Latest Update

Not quite the desired result.

Prey was given a warm welcome when it hit shelves on May 5, but a recent update to add PS4 Pro support to the game has resulted in a constantly stuttering frame-rate.

Prey’s smooth performance was vital to keeping players captivated as they explored the eerily abandoned environment. However, the PS4 version’s graphical capabilities were below what the PC version was capable of. The latest update was supposed to enhance the visuals when running on PS4 Pro to help close the gap on the PC version.

The 1.04 update has given the graphics a noticeable boost, despite still being in 1080p, but the issue comes from the added frame-rate jitters. According to Digital Foundry, the frame-rate issues stem from a fix for input latency.

PS4 Pro owners may find this news disappointing. Anyone who praised Prey for its smooth gameplay will surely be wondering what happened the next time they boot the game up on their PlayStation consoles. Despite the update aimed for PS4 Pro owners, the update will also affect owners of the regular PS4 console. Prey has faced several issues on the PS4 version since its initial release, including some pretty long load times and input lag. Here’s to hoping this issue is resolved soon.

If you want to check out the noticeable changes following the update, be sure to check out Digital Foundry’s video here.


This post was originally authored by Brandt Prescott.

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