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Overwatch Dev Goes In-Depth on Why Your Competitive SR Drops After Placements

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Overwatch Dev Goes In-Depth on Why Your Competitive SR Drops After Placements

It’s only natural to feel salty.

With the fifth competitive season in full swing, each Overwatch player had to retake their placement matches to identify their starting rank. However, some fans were less than enthusiastic after discovering their initial SR did not meet their expectations – especially after the number of wins they had in their placements.

Similarly, some fans have managed to get 10 wins in placement matches yet still ended up in Bronze. Most players took to the game’s official forums to seek out answers while others grumbled about their current standing.

While this may seem like another case of simply needing to “get good” or play better, those protesters might actually have the right to complain about their initial rank. Speaking to Kotaku, Blizzard’s Scott Mercer admitted that the system purposely drops public rankings during the start of the season. They want players to experience a feeling of accomplishment as they climb up the ranks and reach their actual skill level.

In turn, this supposedly gives the player a sense that they are improving over time which should more or less boost their confidence during competitive play. To simply put, you are actually better than the SR you started with and Overwatch players who complained about starting in lower ranks might actually have a point.

Then again, Blizzard’s stand on the issue also helps give players a potential boost of confidence if they manage to reach the next tier. It’s this specific feeling of gratification that keeps them coming back for more and pushing themselves to aim higher. What are your thoughts on starting with a lower Overwatch rank after placements?


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