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Expect Some Final Fantasy XV Announcements at Gamescom 2017

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Expect Some Final Fantasy XV Announcements at Gamescom 2017

Square Enix has been saving some surprises.

The Final Fantasy XV hype is still in full swing with new content and updates still being released months after the game’s launch. With Episode Prompto releasing next week, it still seems like Square Enix has more surprises in store for their fans.

According to Game Jouhou (via Siliconera), the company recently teased some future announcements for their game during the recent Active Time Report broadcast. Marketing manager Akio Ofuji shared that Square Enix held off some news during E3 2017 as they are saving some major announcements for the summer.

Similarly, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata hinted at some upcoming surprises for the game this coming Gamescom 2017. “That’s right. We’ve been very busy. We must make it so that we can announce some proper good announcements for the summer,” he claimed before adding, “we want to share some good information at Gamescom.”

Square Enix will still be releasing Episode Ignis down the line which will focus on the team’s resident chef. So far, they have revealed little information about the DLC, so there may be a chance that they will share more details about this at Gamescom.

Moreover, they have also recently added an in-game survey that asked fans for what content they want in the future. Square Enix could also elaborate on the current results or future DLC they have planned for the game.

Final Fantasy XV is now available to play on the PS4 and Xbox One.


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