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Final Fantasy Creator to Announce Newest Game Next Week


Final Fantasy Creator to Announce Newest Game Next Week

Mistwalker will be unveiling the game via a Japanese livestream.

The creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi, is going to be revealing his latest project via Japanese streaming site Nicovideo next week. Sakaguchi isn’t working with Square Enix but instead with his own studio, Mistwalker, so we definitely aren’t going to get a new title – especially not so soon after the release of Final Fantasy XV.


Mistwalker haven’t been developing games for major consoles for quite some time, and instead have elected to develop for mobile platforms. Their last game, Terra Battle, really gave off Final Fantasy vibes with its aesthetic, and featured the same composer as the main series of Final Fantasy games, Nobuo Uematsu. For next week’s announcement, Uematsu will be joining the stream, so we can expect that he will also be composing the next game. Following the pattern of developed titles by Mistwalker, it’s likely that the next game will also be released onto mobile devices, but it’d be a nice surprise to see it appear on the Xbox One or PS4, or even onto a handheld console.


Mistwalker are known for their development of Blue Dragon, which was an early Xbox 360 title that was quite well-known back in its day. Maybe, if we’re really lucky, we’ll see a sequel announced – the game developed quite a niche following. It’s doubtful that this’ll happen, though; Mistwalker haven’t developed a single game for the Xbox One or PS4, and their last major console release was in 2007.


The official announcement will come on June 22, at 8pm JST, or 4am PT, during a Famitsu Niconico livestream. Of course, you’ll likely be able to hear about the announcement after it’s made right here on Twinfinite.


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