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Final Fantasy Artist Is Designing Some Xenoblade 2 Characters

Xenoblade 2, Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy Artist Is Designing Some Xenoblade 2 Characters

His focus is on characters from a mysterious new group.

Final Fantasy artist Tetsuya Nomura is handling some of the characters designs in Xenoblade 2. According to the game’s official Twitter account, he has drawn some characters from the mysterious organization known as Torna. So far, there are only two known people under the said group.

Both of these figures were designed by Nomura himself. These characters debuted in the recent E3 2017 trailer who seemingly oppose both Rex and Pyra. While little is still known about the Torna and their overall role in the game, it seems likely that they’ll have some sort of antagonistic part in the plot.

Meanwhile, the announcement also reveals that Masatsugu Saito is in charge of designing the two main protagonists of the game. The upcoming installment has a slightly different art style compared to the first title as evident by its more anime-esque motif. Even so, Xenoblade 2 seems to be a direct sequel unlike its Wii U counterpart.

Xenoblade 2 is slated to release on the Nintendo Switch later this year with no official date as of now.


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