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Anthem Gets A Gameplay Trailer To Close Out Microsoft’s E3 Briefing

Anthem, VIP demo, play with friends

Anthem Gets A Gameplay Trailer To Close Out Microsoft’s E3 Briefing

Our watch has just begun beyond the wall of Anthem.

Anthem was a highlight of Microsoft’s E3 briefing, just as was promised during EA Play yesterday. The new IP got an extended gameplay trailer to match its shorter teaser. Now we’ve seen the world of Anthem and a little bit about how you as the player will function in it.

You and friends will be able to explore a vast open world as freelancers, who go beyond the protective wall that encases the world of Anthem. You’ll make use of exo-suits that allow you to harness deadly weapons and quickly maneuver the world outside of the wall. And it seems you will need all the protection and firepower you can get as the game is filled with hostile creatures (some of which are called Scars). Other than the creatures you’ll be encountering, the environment can also be a burden. A shifter storm, which was shown in the on-stage demo, can not only decrease your visibility but can change your path entirely.

The first mission we got a taste of is to find a group of people who had passed themselves off as freelancers that are now in need of your aid. Of course, there is still a lot to learn about this title, and with a release date of sometime after March 2018, there will be plenty of time to uncover more of the secrets that make up Anthem.

For the full gameplay reveal, look no further:

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