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Splatoon 2 Will Have a Two Map Rotation Every Two Hours During Online Play

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Splatoon 2 Will Have a Two Map Rotation Every Two Hours During Online Play

A small improvement.

Speaking with Edge Magazine (via NeoGAF) this week, producer Hisashi Nogami stated that they were changing things up with the map rotation system in Splatoon 2. In the first game, the maps would rotate once every four hours when playing online. However, in the sequel, they’ve reduced that duration to two hours instead. This means that after every two hours, players will get to play on another set of two maps in online matches.

‘Though with just two maps, one brand-new main weapon and a single game type, we’re left with as many questions as answers. Happily, Nogami is able to answer some of them, including the reason behind the team’s decision to limit the map rotation to two at a time. “We feel that part of the gameplay is actually selecting which weapons would be best for that combination of two maps,” he explains. “In Splatoon 2, the maps rotate every two hours, so it’ll be a much faster cycle than the previous game.”’

This was done so that players will have time to familiarize themselves with the game’s maps, learn its in and outs, and see which weapons work best for them. It’s a big improvement, though I suspect many players would vastly appreciate the ability to vote on whichever maps they’d like to play on.

Splatoon 2 is set to be released for the Switch on July 21.

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