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Sony Will Have 40,000 Square Feet of Floor Space at E3

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Sony Will Have 40,000 Square Feet of Floor Space at E3

Sony has the floor.

E3 is only a couple of weeks away and gamers across the globe are looking forward to seeing what cool new games will be announced. All the big names in gaming will be there, each eager to show off what they’ve got coming for us in the near future. For gamers E3 is an exciting time, but for companies it’s an opportunity to build hype for their projects.

Floor plans for this year’s E3 have gone live and it appears that Sony is going to be the largest presence this year with 43,500 square feet of floor space reserved. Next door Nintendo will be in the West hall with a floor space of 32,400 square feet and Microsoft is in the South hall with 17,412 square feet reserved.

With this year’s E3 being the first time the general public are able to get tickets, Sony is no doubt wanting to be the most prominent presence there. No doubt there will be plenty of PlayStation VR headsets around and upcoming Sony games to play.

However, it’s not all about floor space. E3 is mainly known for its game announcements and Microsoft or Nintendo could still easily steal the show if they announce some exciting new games. Still, it’s certainly a good sign that Sony has some big plans for E3.

E3 will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 13 to the 16.

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