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The Latest ARMS Trailer Shows Just How Much Fun You Can Have in a Garage


The Latest ARMS Trailer Shows Just How Much Fun You Can Have in a Garage

The new TV spot shows off the fast-paced action of ARMS.

Hot off the heels of the Global Testpunch this weekend, Nintendo have released a brand new trailer for their upcoming super competitive punch-em-up, ARMS. The game is set to release this month, June 16, and the Testpunch last weekend was to give players a taste of the game, as well as to help Nintendo iron out any kinks the game might have before it officially releases across the world.

The trailer does a great job of showing off the versatility of the Switch, with a group of friends and party-goers playing the game both on their big screen 1080p, and again in portable mode, making use of the Switch’s portable mode to deliver a similar experience, though not as smooth, on-the-go. Once again, they are playing in a strange location, because it’s not a Nintendo Switch game trailer if it takes place in your living room. The trailer also shows us the control method that much of the player-base will be using – namely with both Joy-cons out of the system and in front of the player, letting them swing their fists at thin air like a lunatic.

ARMS is shaping up to be one of the Switch’s new flagship titles, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the game alone was enough to sell consoles. It could also possibly be a brand new eSport; a few months back, there was a vote for the game to be at EVO 2017, which was unfortunately unsuccessful, but the game is certainly competitive enough. If you’re interested in picking it up, be prepared to swing those ARMS and work up a sweat.

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