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Hello Neighbor Is Coming to Steam and Xbox One This August

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Hello Neighbor Is Coming to Steam and Xbox One This August

Time to find out what’s in that basement.

Today, publisher tinyBuild confirmed that Dynamic Pixels’ Hello Neighbor would be heading to Steam and Xbox One this August.

The news comes via a post over on the game’s Steam community hub. Currently, the game is playable but only in Alpha while the developer tweaks and refines the experience for players. However, from August 29, players will be able to pick up Hello Neighbor in its final form.

For those unaware of what Hello Neighbor is, the game basically tasks you with sneaking into your neighbor’s house and trying to learn what the heck he’s hiding in his basement. It’s not as simple as just finding an open window, though, as you’ll need to face-off against an advanced AI that learns from your previous, failed attempts. The result is a cat and mouse chase around the different rooms of the property.

You can check out Hello Neighbor for yourself via the free pre-alpha and alpha 1 demo off the official website.

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