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Grey Box Makes Up For Increased Rime Pricing on Nintendo Switch

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Grey Box Makes Up For Increased Rime Pricing on Nintendo Switch

More bang for your buck.

With Rime just a few weeks away from its upcoming release, publisher Grey Box has made some changes regarding the pricier Nintendo Switch versions of the game.

Back in March, Grey Box announced that the Switch version of Rime was going to be released at $39.99 due to “additional development, manufacturing, and publishing costs.” However, today, Grey Box announced that the digital version of Rime on the Nintendo Switch would be available at $29.99, putting it in line with the other platform versions.

Unfortunately, the publisher said it wasn’t possible for them to lower the price of the physical Nintendo Switch version. To make up for this increased pricing, though, all physical copies of Rime include a printed code for a download of the complete soundtrack by David Garcia.

The soundtrack will be made available separately for $10 for those who want to grab the game digitally on Switch or on another platform.

Will you be picking Rime up on Nintendo Switch now that Grey Box have made these changes? Let us know down in the comments below.

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