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Far Cry 5 Invites You to The Last Supper with New Teaser Image


Far Cry 5 Invites You to The Last Supper with New Teaser Image


Far Cry 5 was officially confirmed earlier this week by Ubisoft and is expected to get a full gameplay reveal trailer later this week. Ubisoft has been teasing us all week with new images of the game and today is no different.

Ubisoft’s official Twitter page has just uploaded the following image with the message “Join us for a last supper.” From what we know of the game so far, it appears it will be set in Hope County, Montana, and, judging by this new pic, will feature religious overtones.

The new image also seems to show us some of the characters we can expect to encounter in the game surrounding, presumably, the main antagonist. Previous Far Cry games have had promotional art which featured the main villain in the center. Could we be looking at this game’s version of Pagan Min or Vaas?

Earlier Far Cry games have taken from a tropical paradise to the stone age, but it seems the next game will take us to the heart of America and deal with what appears to be a religious cult of sorts. A larger version of the image has been released and shows an American flag, a hostage with the word ‘sinner’ on his back, and is an obvious reference to the painting of The Last Supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci. We look forward to seeing the game’s full reveal this Friday.

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