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Verdun Stand Alone Expansion ‘Tannenberg’ Announced


Verdun Stand Alone Expansion ‘Tannenberg’ Announced

War is coming.

Verdun is a first-person shooter originally released on PC back in 2015. The game is set during World War I and was a welcome respite from many of the futuristic first-person shooters that were out at the same time. Those of you who have enjoyed Verdun will be pleased to learn that a stand alone expansion is set to be released this year called Tannenberg.

The Tannenberg expansion will focus on the battles fought in the Eastern Front the name comes from the Battle of Tannenberg, which occurred in 1914. Developer  Jos Hoebe has stated the expansion will focus on the “more mobile side” of World War I.

Check out the reveal trailer below:

Hoebe stated: The Russians and AustroHungarians played a huge part in the First World War and we’re looking forward to portraying their contribution. The Eastern Front didn’t see the same trench warfare as in the West–in Tannenberg we offer players the experience of a more mobile side of the war which many people may be unfamiliar with.”

The Verdun expansion will see a new mode which will allow two teams of 32 players to wage war against one another. Maps will vary and see players fighting through “exposed snowy plains and thick forests to burned villages and mountain pastures.”

An exact release date is yet to be announced but it is set to be released this year.

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