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Popular Zombie Shooter Arizona Sunshine Coming to PlayStation VR in June


Popular Zombie Shooter Arizona Sunshine Coming to PlayStation VR in June


While the potential of VR’s future is enough to get most gaming enthusiasts excited, it’s not enough to wet the palette of a lot of casual gamers. At the end of the day, who wants to fork up a lot of cash just to find out your gaming options provide some rather limited gameplay and feel more like fancy mini games than an actual gaming title. That sentiment is exactly what made Arizona Sunshine stand out when it came to PC with compatibility for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive back in December. This popular zombie shooter simply felt like a complete game. Now, PlayStation VR owners will also get to rejoice in the zombie-filled madness as this beloved title will be coming to the new platform next month.

Vertigo Games Lead Tech Trevor Blom made the official announcement today on the PlayStation blog. He explained that since the game was performing so well on other VR platforms, the time had finally come for it to make its way to the PS VR as well. Perhaps the best part yet is that Arizona Sunshine will also support the PS VR aim controller. The game is also one of the few VR titles that touts co-op play as well. So you and your friends can team up, shoot zombies and loot their undead bodies all day. What a time to be alive.

Playing Arizona Sunshine has certainly been one of the best experiences that even a VR skeptic like myself couldn’t help but rave about. Being able to freely roam your surroundings, hunt down zombies and also try to keep an eye on your resources gives the game a sense of wholeness that many other VR titles seem to be missing. That probably explains why this particular zombie shooter is one of the highest rated VR titles on Steam today.

Arizona Sunshine will be released on the PlayStation Store in June but an official launch date has not been announced.

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