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Yooka-Laylee Wiki: Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs, and More


Yooka-Laylee Wiki: Guides, Tips, Walkthroughs, and More

Playtonic Games’ spiritual successor to Banjo-Tooie has finally arrived in the form of Yooka-Laylee. Offering a true throwback to the ’90s platformer, players control a sensible lizard named Yooka, and his rather crazy bat buddy, Laylee, to collect the magical Pagies that have been scattered throughout the world. As such, you’ll learn a ton of handy abilities and explore magical worlds beating challenges and bosses along the way. To help you on your adventure, we’ve put together this wiki to cover any question or concern you’ve got.


  • Release Date: April 11 2017
  • Developer: Playtonic Games
  • Publisher: Team 17
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch (coming soon)

Yooka-Laylee General Tips and Info


Yooka-Laylee Collectibles Guides


Yooka-Laylee Moves & Abilities


Yooka-Laylee Boss Tips and Tricks

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