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Nintendo and Hasbro Bringing Monopoly Over to the Switch

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Nintendo and Hasbro Bringing Monopoly Over to the Switch

Own the board.

Nintendo has announced during their Nintendo Direct this week, that Hasbro will be bringing Monopoly over to the Switch. With up to six players, fans of the classic board game can enjoy an engaging game of Monopoly wherever there go.

The Switch title will support HD Rumble so when you roll the dice on your turn, it actually feels as if you’re rolling a physical dice. There will be exclusive tokens, boards, and new interesting rules that will switch up your strategy to dominate the boards.

Monopoly for the Nintendo Switch launches sometime this fall. It would make for the perfect title to play during the holiday season with close friends and family members. Just try not to get too upset if you end up losing to your grandmother, and don’t be a sore winner either, nobody likes that person.

You can watch the trailer that was shown during the Direct right here:

Are you a fan of the classic board game? Plan on picking it up for your Switch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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