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Gundam Versus Heads West This Fall For All Your Robot Fighting Needs


Gundam Versus Heads West This Fall For All Your Robot Fighting Needs

Hop in your mobile suit.

Fans of the Gundam series have another experience to look forward to, as Bandai Namco has announced the fighting title Gundam Versus will be heading to Europe and the United States this fall on PlayStation 4. The title is currently scheduled to release in Japan on July 6.

Gundam Versus features a staggering number of playable mobile suits, with more than 90 from across 17 different Gundam series. You can duke it out in 2vs2 battles or 3vs3 as well. Here’s a few key features from Bandai Namco, and make sure to watch the announcement trailer down below.

Key Features

  • Fast-paced 2-vs-2 action-fighting – Coordinate and lay waste to your rivals in fierce 2 vs 2 fighting combat iconic to the Gundam Versus series. Go all out with guns blazing and lightning fast melee in a robust selection of Offline and Online game modes, unique to the home console version. With new moves Boost Dash, Boost Step and Boost Dive, players can master more technical combat strategies that help you avoid attacks or cancel actions to surprise your opponent. Call upon Striker support characters to assist you in the heat of battle.
  • Challenge the BestGundam Versus boasts more than 90 units coming from 17 different works of the Gundam anime, each with different abilities ready to suit your play style. Featuring Online Matchmaking using a Worldwide server, get ready to fight against the best players on the planet.
  • Larger than Life Power – Leveraging the power of the PlayStation 4, Gundam Versus features all new environmental destruction, landscape deformation and dynamic lighting effects.
  • Gearing Up for Victory – Choose between two different Burst Systems, Blaze Gear and Lightning Gear, each with their own characteristics that enhance melee combat, augment lock-on range and more

Gundam Versus will launch sometime this fall on PS4, we’ll make sure to update you if Bandai Namco reveals the official release date.

Are you glad to see another Gundam game heading west? Which mobile suits do you want to see featured the most? Let us know down in the comments.


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