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Fire Emblem Heroes Gives Extended Play Time and New Features in Latest Update

fire emblem heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes Gives Extended Play Time and New Features in Latest Update

Spend double the time playing.

Many Fire Emblem Heroes players waited anxiously for the game to come back online during today’s maintenance, and it was definitely worth the wait. A wealth of new features has been added to the mobile game, which is now back and running. Some of the changes are much more apparent, such as the 50 base stamina being upgraded to 99, a feature that was sorely needed as the amount needed in later missions meant players were running out after a few plays. A few of the other changes, however, are not quite as apparent.

First off, Hero Merit has been added as a way for players to earn more Hero Feathers. In battle, each character will earn a specific amount of Hero Merit that rises with their level. At 500 Hero Merits, visiting the home screen will turn the merit into Hero Feathers. To track your Hero Merit, go to your selected Hero’s summary page, and under their stats, Hero Merit is listed as “HM”. This feature is a great way for free-to-play users to upgrade their units. However, only 2,000 Hero Merit can be earned per Hero (this includes doubles, so only a set amount can be earned total, but this set amount rises with each new character introduced).

Position swapping is now also available. It has long been a feature in the main Fire Emblem games, but the mobile title was a bit slow to incorporate it. At the beginning of the battle, players can now re-position their characters, offering slight advantages.

Next up is the introduction of Sacred Seals, which is essentially a bonus skill slot for all characters. No seals have been introduced yet, but they will be obtained through special quests. They are listed on each Hero’s summary as “Skill Slot S”. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to farm seals, as any duplicates will be turned into Hero Feathers.

A lot of the other changes are minor or miscellaneous. The full patch notes can be found in-game at the notice board. Fire Emblem Heroes can be downloaded free of charge for iOS and Android.

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