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The 8 Best PS4 Games of Q1 2017


The 8 Best PS4 Games of Q1 2017

A surprisingly strong start to the year.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

horizon zero dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a game that was preceded by an incredible amount of hype and staggeringly high expectations. That type of anticipation has often spelled disaster for other games that struggled to live up to their height—we’re looking at you, No Man’s Sky. Horizon: Zero Dawn, on the other hand, proved to be everything gamers expected and then some. Guerrilla Games presented an incredibly dynamic action RPG that unfolds in a gorgeously-crafted massive open world. A variety of different types of machines, weapons, and environments keep combat interesting and exploring these sprawling lands is both rewarding and entertaining. Even if, in some alternate universe, Horizon: Zero Dawn didn’t offer dynamic combat or jaw-dropping visuals, the main story alone is captivating enough to keep you pressing forward.

While the game’s formula itself isn’t new, Horizon: Zero Dawn still feels unique and fresh. Perhaps it’s the game’s unusual take on a post apocalyptic world. Maybe it’s the game’s clever, insightful nods to our current political and social landscape. Whatever it is, Horizon: Zero Dawn is simply enchanting and it certainly gave us a strong start to the year.

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