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You Can’t Transfer Nintendo Switch Game Saves Across Consoles

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You Can’t Transfer Nintendo Switch Game Saves Across Consoles

Game saves have to be stored in the console’s internal memory.

It’s impossible to transfer game save data from one Nintendo Switch console to another, IGN reports.

While the Switch’s day one system update does enable SD card functionality on the console, it does not allow users to put their game save data onto SD cards, which Kotaku first reported back in January. Instead, games must be saved directly to the console’s 32 GB of internal flash memory. That means the data is permanently stuck on the system upon which it is initially saved.

This harsh reality comes despite the fact that Switch owners can apparently choose whether to store downloaded games on the console or itself or on an SD card if one is inserted. It’s also possible for users to transfer saved screenshots between the internal and removable storage. Game saves, however, may only be deleted, not copied or migrated.

The Nintendo Switch launches tomorrow, March 3, for $299.


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