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Ubisoft Outlines Watch Dogs 2 Free and Paid DLC Schedule

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Ubisoft Outlines Watch Dogs 2 Free and Paid DLC Schedule

More free multiplayer content.

Ubisoft announced new details today regarding free updates and paid DLC for Watch Dogs 2 coming in the next few months. Specifically, changes have been made to the final piece of content from the game’s season pass, No Compromise, available on April 18 for PlayStation 4 and May 18 for Xbox One and PC.

The studio is adding new ability-granting outfits and vehicles, non-lethal weapons, and single-player race time trials to the No Compromise DLC, which features a new DedSec operation involving a set of story missions around the Russian mob. The Showd0wn multiplayer mode originally announced for the DLC is now a free update for all players coming April 17.

“There are two main drivers behind making Showd0wn free for all of our players,” explains Watch Dogs 2 producer Kris Young. “The first is that we want everyone to be able to participate and play it. We really wanted to have as many people as possible playing the mode for a better challenge, better matchmaking time and quality, and a healthier, more active community.”

Young also cites community feedback for more multiplayer content as the reason for the change, and replacing the mode with single-player content in the DLC. The Showd0wn mode features twists on capture the flag, king of the hill, and domination modes against two pairs of players.

The full schedule of Watch Dogs 2 DLC, via Ubisoft, can be found below:

Watch Dogs 2 roadmap


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