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The Switch Pro Controller Hides a Cute Message Within


The Switch Pro Controller Hides a Cute Message Within

How very sweet, Nintendo.

The Nintendo Switch’s optional Pro Controller, precariously priced at $70, is no small ask. But if you’re one of many who find the standard Joy-Cons too small for comfort, you should look for this cute hidden message embedded within the controller.

First discovered by Reddit user Tropiux, the Pro Controller hides a message in very small lettering of the right thumbstick. Though, it’s only visible when pulling it back and looking really close.

pro controller 1

pro controller 2

Upon closer inspection, the message reads “THX2ALLGAMEFANS”. It’s difficult to see even in a picture, but it’s certainly there! That’s a nice detail, Nintendo, though it hardly explains the price.

For those sticking to Joy-Cons during docked play, Nintendo has officially addressed the left Joy-Con desyncing issue that has plagued the system in the weeks leading up to release and now. We’ve also learned that attaching adhesive skins to the Switch can cause some serious permanent damage to the system, so avoid that at all costs.

We now also know that the Switch does not support save data transfer and will wipe your game downloads upon entering a new Switch. Aw well, at least Zelda is awesome.


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