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Red Dead Redemption is Getting Modded into GTA V

Red Dead Redemption, how to use cheats

Red Dead Redemption is Getting Modded into GTA V

Red Dead rides again.

Red Dead Redemption was originally released back in 2010 and was a huge hit with both gamers and critics alike. Despite its popularity, the game has never been ported to current-gen consoles, nor has it had a PC release. Those of you who would like to see Red Dead get a new lease of life will be pleased to learn a modding team are recreating the game in Grand Theft Auto V.

The modding team, led by a developer named Mr. Leisurewear, has unveiled the project on the GTA forums saying: “That’s 2 years of work right there, by Mr. Leisurewear that is. Glad it’s finally unveiled. Expect more info and screenshots soon.”

The team are currently working on the day/night cycle, creating visuals, textures, and the map. The project is called Red Dead Redemption V and they’re asking for help to complete it.

“We are mostly looking for programmers who are able to help us reverse engineer the file formats. We are also looking for scripters who are able to remake any of the game’s original content over to GTAV, think minigames and certain mechanics such as Dead Eye Targeting,” posted developer Jestic.

The game is intended to be launched via third party online clients like FiveM\FiveReborn and the devs have stated it will not be used in GTA Online. A beta version of the map is currently slated to be released this Summer.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was announced late last year and is currently set to be released this Fall for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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