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Goat Simulator’s Waste of Space DLC Coming to PlayStation 4 This Week

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Goat Simulator’s Waste of Space DLC Coming to PlayStation 4 This Week

Headbutt things in space.

Waste of Space, Goat Simulator’s Star Wars inspired DLC pack, will be available on PlayStation 4 this week.

The space themed DLC originally came to PC last year but, as a post on the PlayStation Blog revealed, it will be available on PlayStation 4 this Tuesday, March 21.

“The base has fallen on tough times and we need you, brave spacegoat, to help us rebuild this futuristic colony. The colony plays an important role in our economic, scientific, and diplomatic growth, but we’re losing investors left and right since everyone only seems to be interested in this new Star Wars stuff nowadays. By getting to know your new home, helping your fellow base-dwellers, and headbutting every crate and person you see, we should be able to save enough space-cash to crowd fund ourselves back into relevance.”

You will be able to unlock high-tech features, practice space diplomacy, and, of course, scream. As this will be happening whilst you look out for a possible alien invasion.

The release date announcement even jokingly referenced Mass Effect’s romantic elements, with Andromeda releasing on the same day, by saying, “We don’t encourage intercrew relationships, but there are some friendly people who might offer to show you around if you can find a way to help them out.” A new trailer, which you can see below, was also released.

The Waste of Space DLC will include:

  • Crowdfund a space colony and get other people to pay for it and do all the work!
  • Endless space full of planets to visit. But seriously it would take forever to go there so why bother? There is one planet nearby, though. Go to that one.
  • Fly and shoot stuff in space, because nobody makes games about flying and shooting in space anymore.
  • Learn how to be a real bridge commander!
  • The biggest map in goat simulator history, filled to the brim with exclusive content.

Goat Simulator’s Waste of Space DLC will be available on PlayStation 4 on March 21.

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