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PlayStation 2 Harvest Moon Games Coming to PlayStation 4

harvest moon

PlayStation 2 Harvest Moon Games Coming to PlayStation 4

Harvest on PlayStation 4.

Natsume Inc. is bringing some Harvest Moon games to the PlayStation 4 as part of Sony’s PlayStation 2 on PlayStation 4 program.

The PlayStation 4 releases are part of the celebration of it being 20 years since the original Harvest Moon game released in North America. The first game, simply called Harvest Moon, was available for the NES in 1997 but the first PlayStation 2 game in the series was Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland, which came to the console in 2001. It has not been revealed which games in the long running series will be making their way to the current generation console, or when they would release, but Natsume insist that you will not be waiting too long.

They say in a post on their Facebook page, “We’re very excited that as part of the 20th anniversary of Harvest Moon, we have been working closely with Sony on some titles for their PS2 on PS4 program. While we can’t reveal quite yet when these titles will be coming, we can say the first one will be SOON!” They say that you should keep an eye on their social media pages for updates.

The PlayStation 2 Harvest Moon games will be coming to PlayStation 4 soon.

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