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Overwatch PTR Update Adds Significant Nerfs and Buffs to Sombra, Zenyatta, and Winston


Overwatch PTR Update Adds Significant Nerfs and Buffs to Sombra, Zenyatta, and Winston

Winston and Sombra finally getting some attention.

Overwatch’s latest PTR update brings a number of smaller changes that will greatly affect the way some heroes are played–including changes to Zenyatta, Ana, Junkrat, Winston, Sombra, and newest hero Orisa. Let’s check them out.

Biotic Rifle:
-Damage decreased from 80 to 60

Biotic Grenade:
-Impact damage reduced from 60 to 30
-Impact healing reduced from 100 to 50
-No longer hurts himself from his own explosions. (Effect added to current passive: Total Mayhem)
Fusion Driver:
-Magazine size lowered from 200 to 150

-Cost increased by 15%
-Sound effects and VO distance for entering and exiting Stealth reduced to 15 meters.

-Cooldown reduced from 6s to 4s
Barrier Projector:
-Cooldown now starts when the barrier is placed, instead of when it ends
Orb of Destruction:
-Alternate fire recovery reduced from 1s to 0.6s

Orb of Discord:
-Can now target enemies through barriers

These changes will significantly impact how these heroes are played. Zenyatta, now able to discord through barriers, has regained an advantage over Zarya’s that could easily avoid it, and not to mention the potential of targeting healers hiding behind Reinhardt or Orisa shields. Winston’s Barrier Projector change will mean he’ll be able to pull off his most important combative role (electrifying enemies from the comfort of his shield) far more often.

Sombra’s buffs are well-needed and will make her more effective at her unique role of stealth, but it won’t increase her combat effectiveness for players who aren’t tactically fleeing with the translocator. Junkrat no longer injuring himself with explosions is actually pretty huge, as it ensures Junkrat players needn’t worry about the only risk of close-range grenade launching. Now they can all plunge away in the faces of enemies without a care in the world.

Ana’s changes feel like deliberate action against the return of “all-Tank meta,” as she was essential to keeping them alive. Her changes make her less effective in combat of all scenarios, so this might encourage a more traditional balance to a team. Orisa’s changes feel pretty natural as Blizzard is working out the kinks of Overwatch’s newest hero before widespread release on the live servers, so she should feel more balanced moving forward.


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