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Game Freak is Hiring Designer to Make “Monster Models”

Game Freak

Game Freak is Hiring Designer to Make “Monster Models”

Could it be for rumored Pokémon Switch title?

Pokémon developer Game Freak has posted a job advert searching for a motion modeler. Included within the job description (translated via Nintendo Everything) was the specification of being able to create models on the level of PS Vita and Wii U – along with experience of using the computer program Maya (an animation and modelling software program).

On the bonuses section, the desired candidate would have these extra skills:

  • Experience in deciding character model specifications
  • Experience in managing progress of character models
  • Experience in producing deformed characters
  • Experience in producing monster models

The project remains unspecified on the description, but it does go on to say that the work would entail producing models for characters, monsters, and items. The position is available on a contractual basis leading up to May 2018.

Now, of course nothing has been confirmed, but there have been rumors since late last year about a Pokémon game making its way over to the Switch. This was reported to have had the codename Pokémon Stars attached to it.

A Pokémon game for the Switch would be a huge deal, of course, and it would be intriguing to see the direction that Game Freak would go with it. We will have to wait for official confirmation.

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