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Fire Emblem Heroes Gets a Bit More Complex with Introduction of Skill Inheritance


Fire Emblem Heroes Gets a Bit More Complex with Introduction of Skill Inheritance

Takumi just got even stronger.

In its latest update, Fire Emblem Heroes brought in a new feature that shook up the meta, skill inheritance. Players can now port up to three skills from one hero over to another. However, whichever hero gives up their skills will also be consumed/deleted as a result.

To access skill inheritance:

  • Allies
  • Advanced Growth
  • Inherit Skill

However, note that heroes will not immediately inherit their skill. Players will be required to grind 1.5x the amount of SP it would normally take to learn the skill. Just as favorited heroes are safeguarded from being sent home for feathers, they will also be unable to be used as a source for inheritance, so be sure to unfavorite any heroes you may want to sacrifice.

The in-game patch notes also state that an extra feature for skill inheritance will be coming in version 1.2.0. In the future update, if a hero has inherited a skill, any skills they’ve picked up will also be transferred over when merging. However, in the current version merging a hero will remove any inherited skills, so be sure to put a hold on that.

This change should see some interesting combinations in PvP. While there were previously dominant heroes, this can either break open the gates for a more diverse meta or shoehorn in a pay-to-win model if there are clear favorites that now require double the heroes to be competitive.

Fire Emblem Heroes is free to download and play on iOS and Android.

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