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FFXIV Director Shares New Details on Stormblood Story, New Jobs, End Game Content and More; Full Q&A

final fantasy xiv stormblood


FFXIV Director Shares New Details on Stormblood Story, New Jobs, End Game Content and More; Full Q&A

The latest details on the upcoming expansion.

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Stormblood End Game, Housing and More

Twinfinite: Gear in Final Fantasy XIV is quite simple and streamlined. It is very easy to see which gear has the higher stats and thus, which you should equip. Have you and the team ever considering adding gear that would cause you to pause and think because maybe it augments an ability or does something different. That even if it’s not necessarily higher stat wise, it may give you reason to consider using anyway?

Yoshida: Actually, I think we’re going to go the reverse and make it more simple and streamlined. Although personally, Yoshida prefers having the option swap out your gear depending on what kind of battle you’re facing and having that bigger range of options. But, there is a significant amount of players out there that feel even what we have now is very complicated.

For example, the Anima weapon, you can control the stats on your end and it’s technically the strongest weapon you can have but some people see that a different item has a higher Item Level and immediately assumes, “oh no that’s the better gear!” and we feel that not many people pay too much attention to some of the finer details and the parameters. So, if people hesitate every time there is that kind of obstacle and causes them to not play, or hesitate to play, I think that kind of defeats the purpose. So he [Yoshida] feels that maybe it’s better to simplify. Another example, some players don’t even realize that you can put materia on weapon or gear.


Twinfinite: At first, Heavensward’s end game was very similar to the routine that players had experience in a Realm Reborn with tomestones, 24-man midcore raid, and the higher tier 8 man raids. Over time, new activities such as Diadem, Deep Dungeon, and Aquapolis were added to break up that monotony and add new experiences. What are some ways that the team will be continuing to diversify the end game routine in Stormblood?

Yoshida: We are anticipating around 4.2ish timing to introduce some of the brand new never before seen type content. The reason why we say that is because we are currently working towards the release of 4.0 and we’re actually planning to update the Aquapolis content.

At the start of Heavensward, we didn’t even have Aquapolis and at the start of Stormblood it’s already there. So we wanted to add to that. We feel that there is already quite a variety of content there, and once we we take care of our existing content, then we take the time to develop the brand new content. That’s the sort of thinking that we have right now. So hopefully when we do get to a time where we can delve into more information, we can update our players.


Twinfinite: With Shirogane as the new housing ward, is Ishgard a place that people shouldn’t hope for anymore, or is it still a possibility in the future?

Yoshida: All of our resources are focusing on Shirogane right now. Of course, we can’t say that we’re never going to have it. For a while, we’re going to be focusing on the Shirogane area. But that being said, after we have established Shirogane’s housing wards, we feel that possibility wise, rather than Ala Mihgo, maybe Ishgard might be a higher consideration point. We’re hoping by then Ishgard won’t be as frigid and cold!


Twinfinite: Quick question to wrap up that a lot of fans have been asking about: Are there any plans for a color blind mode?

Yoshida: The system is in place actually. It’s just a matter of the graphical compatibility and they have gotten to the point where they have tested it out. He [Yoshida] does understand that the demand is growing so they want to seriously consider it.

He [Yoshida] had actually had done a check on a machine, and had completed testing on it. There are three major types of color blindness, and he had it so that you can switch to what kind of color blindness it is with three different modes.

He believed that it was already implemented actually. He got asked while he was at a South Korean event and he answered as if though you were able to color blind mode, but apparently staff members came to him and said that I’m sorry at the last minute we had to [remove] the content unfortunately. It’s something that’s a hot topic for the team as well. We really want to optimistically think about being able to release it.

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