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Diablo III Female Necromancer’s In-Game Models Revealed in New Screenshots


Diablo III Female Necromancer’s In-Game Models Revealed in New Screenshots

Bone-chilling… sorry.

Blizzard has finally pulled the curtain on what the female version of the classic Diablo II (and now 3) class, the Necromancer, will look like in-game. As you might expect, she’s absolutely metal AF.

At a press event at PAX East, representatives from Blizzard gave a little insight on the character and how she fits in with the rest of the heroes. As you may expect from someone who reanimates dead bodies for a living, she’s not exactly the warm and caring type. In fact, she isn’t really deterred by all of the death in the world of Sanctuary at all. She’s pretty much seen it all, and will have a very nonchalant, apathetic way about how she approaches situations and people.

The Necromancer’s classic look will be its Bone Armor, and will rock scythes as its unique weapon. The kind of scythes that a grim reaper would use to reap some souls, and not the kind that you would use to cut some wheat, obviously.

Check out the female Necromancer in all the latest undead inspired fashion below and be sure to read our full hands-on impression of the class from PAX East 2017. If you were a fan of the class in Diablo II, you should be feeling pretty confident about the Necromancer as she was incredibly fun to play and by design, developers wanted to make sure that the class felt familiar to fans of Diablo 2.

Diablo III’s Rise of the Necromancer Pack DLC is due out this year and will include the new class, an in-game pet, cosmetic wings, two character slots, two stash tabs, a portrait frame, pennant, banner, and banner sigil. Note that the new stash taps are for PC only as the console version has reached the maximum possible. Both the PC and console version will release at the same time.

Female Necromancer


Female Necromancer



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