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Titanfall 2 Full Patch Notes Revealed Ahead of Big Update

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Titanfall 2 Full Patch Notes Revealed Ahead of Big Update

It’s way more than just Live Fire Mode.

An Update Is on the Way for Titanfall 2, and It’s a Big One. Respawn has released the patch notes in full and they detail some changes made to how the weapons are balanced, to abilities, and to the Titans themselves. Despite these notes being releases, there isn’t a fixed date set for the release of the patch.

Live fire mode has already been announced, but there’s all sorts more on the way in the update.

The holo pilot decoy is getting a bit of a tactical revamp: it can be deployed on zip lines now and will appear in the enemy’s threat scope or sonar grenade – very handy.

In terms of the Titans, Tone’s Salvo Core damage is getting a reduction; however, the damage falloff is gone altogether. Northstar and Ronin’s dash regeneration rate have been upped. The Sonar Pulse’s cool down is being increased, and the projectile size for the 40mm Tracker Cannon is getting decreased.

There are also some PC-specific additions to the update, like adaptive supersampling, model draw distance, and model quality tiers can now be set to “Very High.”

To see the full patch notes, click here.

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