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Splatoon 2 Producer Talks Weapon Adjustments, Says it Will Be a “Proper Sequel”

Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 Producer Talks Weapon Adjustments, Says it Will Be a “Proper Sequel”

Original weapons are seeing a lot of changes.

Splatoon 2 producer, Hisashi Nogami, recently sat down for an interview with Famitsu in which he discussed how the game will be changed from it’s predecessor. Nogami was quick to say that they wanted to make the game hold true to the spirit of the original in that it gives everyone “a chance to jump into the fun.” According to Nogami, “That way, it will truly be a proper sequel.”

He then began talking about the changes we would see between the games. It seems as though the basic rules for Turf War won’t be changing, however weapons will be seeing many changes. Nogami said that similarly to the first, Splatoon 2 will have “weapons be gradually released,” but that it will also have many more weapons as well as more available at the start.

“Every Main Weapon from the first game will appear in 2,” Nogami stated. Main weapon and Special weapon combinations will be changing and it also looks like Sub Weapons will be adjusted as well. “They have all had their parameters adjusted, and we plan to have more available in the end, compared to the first game,” Nogami answered when asked about an expansion in available weapons in comparison with the first game.

When asked about new weapons other than the Dualies, Nogami was hesitant to answer claiming, “even things that were announced here will probably be subject to change in the future.” He was sure to stress the fact that balancing the game was of vital importance to him and the team. Which makes a lot of sense given the large focus Splatoon 2 marketing has had on the game’s competitive play.

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