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There’s a Puzzle Game with an Adorably Silly Name Launching with the Switch

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There’s a Puzzle Game with an Adorably Silly Name Launching with the Switch

But when is it coming out in North America?

Update: Nintendo of America has confirmed that Snipperclips will also launch alongside the Switch in North America on March 3 for $19.99. Original story is below.

Gamers picking up a Nintendo Switch on launch day next Friday and pining for something more to play than the launch games Nintendo had already announced just got their wish — if they live in Japan or Europe.

Snipperclips, a cooperative puzzle game that seeks to showcase the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers’ functionality, will launch alongside Nintendo’s new console in those regions, according to Nintendo’s Japanese and UK websites. The game, which previously was only listed as having a release date sometime in the month of March, will cost £17.99.

Alternatively, Switch owners can get the game via a limited edition Joy-Con bundle that will release on March 10 for an unknown price. The bundle comes packed with a pair of neon-colored Joy-Con controllers and a download code for Snipperclips. Anyone who’s not sure if they want the game or not will be able to try it out in a free demo coming to the Nintendo eShop when the Switch launches on March 3.

There’s no word yet on what day Snipperclips will release in North America.


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