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Rainbow Six Siege: Here’s A Rundown Of Mira and Jackal’s Abilites


Rainbow Six Siege: Here’s A Rundown Of Mira and Jackal’s Abilites

Black-tinted murder holes.

As part of the Operation Velvet Shell update that will kick off year 2 for Rainbow Six Siege, the game will be receiving two new Operators, Mira and Jackal. And while Ubisoft has only teased minor details about these two new additions over the past weeks, the developer has now given us a full rundown of their abilities.

First up is the defender of the two, Mira, whose specialty allows her to create nigh invulnerable black windows that can be deployed onto both barricades and destructible walls. And while these one-way windows allow Mira and her teammates to see what’s on the other side, they only show up as black bullet proof surfaces for the enemies. From here, a small gas canister underneath the frame can be shot to eject the glass outward, effectively turning the Black Mirror into a murder hole.

Mira comes equipped with either the new Vector .45 ACP SMG, or the ITA12L Shotgun.

Now we move onto the attacker, Jackal, whose ability allows him to utilize the Eyenox Model III to let him see enemy footprints, whose color varies depending on how old they are. Scanning these footprints allows Jackal to mark their owner’s position on the map for the whole team to see. This ability can only be used three times during a math, during which point the player becomes very vulnerable as they have to look at the floor.

Jackal comes equipped with three primary weapons, the PDW9 SMG, the C7E assault rifle and the ITA12L Shotgun.

Both operators also come equipped with either a USP 40 pistol or a small ITA12S shotgun as their secondary weapons, making them the first characters in the game to carry shotguns as sidearms.

Mira and Jackal will be available to Year Two Season Pass holders on February 7, a week after which they will become available for purchase to all other players with Renown or R6 Credits.


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