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Portal Writer Eric Wolpaw Leaves Valve


Portal Writer Eric Wolpaw Leaves Valve

Still collaborating on Psychonauts 2

Eric Wolpaw, the writer behind Portal, has left Valve as of today.

Wolpaw made a post on his Facebook (via the Valve News Network), saying:

“Last day at Valve! People marching their crap out of the office in a box is the central theme of 90 per cent of what Pinkerton and I write, and now I’m finally doing it for real.”

Writing for games like Left 4 Dead, Half-Life 2 and both its episodes, and he injected both Portal games full of the trademark humor we know and love. Before he joined Valve, Wolpaw worked at Double Fine where he co-wrote Psychonauts with Tim Schafer. He’s working with Double Fine for Psychonauts 2 as well.

As you can see above, the Valve News Network tweet says that fellow writer Jay Pinkerton – who co-wrote Portal 2 with Wolpaw – also left the company. This is not the case; Pinkerton Tweeted to clarify that he was indeed staying.

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